A/V Distribution

Distributed video is a system where all kinds of video (and audio) signals from A/V source components are routed to remote display locations. At the remote locations display devices such as CRT televisions, flat panel displays, projectors, and projection systems are used for viewing the A/V sources at the head end. On Target installs switches and control systems that allow complete control of where and when audio and video is distributed. Distribution of a media library, CD collection, Internet radio, iPod, DVD collection to any room or display is easily controlled with a keypad, remote control, wall or tabletop display, iPhone or iPad and a variety of other ways.

On Target’s distributed video systems are designed for scalable delivery of high-quality live and on-demand digital media in various formats to a variety of wired or wireless connected devices. On Target provides an end-to-end, scalable video content management and distribution solution that can support environments of all sizes, no matter how large or diverse.

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