Emergency Phone

Our Mass Notification and Emergency Communications solutions, IP or Analog, include highly visible towers, attractive wall mounts, indoor and outdoor paging units and more. On Target’s emergency phone installations are widely used at college and corporate campuses, parking facilities, hospitals and mass-transit locations Worldwide.

Across the nation, college and corporate campuses are bolstering their Emergency Communication and Mass Notification systems to meet the federal mandates of the Jeanne Clery Act and the Higher Education Opportunity Act, as well as the NFPA changes and unique challenges presented to each campus locally.

On Target’s emergency phone connects over a wide-area Emergency Broadcast System, WEBS®. This provides security officials with a robust Mass Notification platform, capable of delivering the right message to the right people in real time. Exterior and interior paging units, emergency phones, LED signage, SMS, RSS, email, high power speaker arrays, fire alarm systems and other technologies previously viewed as independent notification mediums can be encompassed into a comprehensive crisis management solution under one platform.

On Target is a Green Energy Company