Energy Savings / Audit

Energy Audits provide building owners with a road-map to your asset infrastructure as it relates to energy usage. An energy audit can let you know where you are today, and what you can do to realize a better tomorrow. Our highly skilled energy engineers will provide solutions based on the knowledge gained from the energy audit.

We can help you incorporate the knowledge gained from your energy audits to upgrade your building and your portfolio. Energy audits identify ways to lower costs, improve efficiency, improve maintenance and operations, and improve your bottom line. You’ll know how much energy you’re using to operate your facility, and where and how it’s being put to use. You’ll know how much you can save, and where you can save it. Plus, making improvements based on the recommendations in our audits results in a positive impact on the environment by helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The On Target staff  have many years of experience conducting detailed energy audits, and also in designing and developing drawings and specifications for complex energy conversion and delivery systems in buildings.

Low and No-Cost ways to improve your bottom line.

On Target’s focus on the retrofit of existing buildings provides the basis for identifying low- and no-cost ways to improve your energy efficiency, while simultaneously improving comfort and reliability. It’s a routine part of our energy auditing process, and we routinely find savings opportunities of 10% and more associated with things you can do yourself at little or no cost. It’s a way to make your building work smarter for you, and to improve your bottom line.

We have the experience to get the job done right.

Our energy audit experience includes office buildings, government complexes, educational facilities, manufacturing plants, hospitality facilities, and healthcare facilities. We’re confident we have what it takes to conduct an energy audit to help you get started on the path toward lower operating cost, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Let us help you lower your energy costs and improve the environment.
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On Target is a Green Energy Company